TEAM Effort_Podcast_Bad Producer Productions

TEAM Effort is the best radio show not on radio. It is a ramshackle comedy podcast with an ensemble cast that features Ed Kavalee, Ash Williams, Tony Martin and our own Jay Mueller as producer and fact checker.

The show delivers all the information you need to lead a better life, usually by providing examples of what not to do in any given situation. It is self-help without any of the annoying facts and figures that can get in the way of half baked ideas and opinions.

The Bad Producer Podcast Network took over TEAM Effort in 2018. In 2019, TEAM Effort was a finalist in the Australian Podcast Awards in the Comedy category. TEAM Effort returns in 2020.

As a podcast, TEAM Effort:

* Reached #34 overall on the Australian Apple Podcasts charts

* Was shortlisted for Best Comedy Podcast in the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards

* Surpassed 1,270,000 downloads since January 2018.