The two-year check-up

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Two years in

I’m not much for anniversaries. I don’t get excited about birthdays. It takes effort for me to offer congratulations for something that essentially boils down to the fact you didn’t die in the last 365 days. 

Good for you. Have some cake.

This week social media reminded me of an anniversary. LinkedIn announced to the world that I was celebrating two years at Bad Producer Productions. LinkedIn has added a template to its networking platform that allows anyone, anywhere to offer congratulations to anyone anywhere for anything. If you received one of these lately you’ll know what I’m talking about.

People from all over the world saying the exact same thing:

‘Congrats on the anniversary! Hope you’re doing well.’

This message appeared more than a dozen times in my inbox. Social media makes it incredibly easy and efficient to fake connection. LinkedIn is currently perfecting the virtual pat on the back. The only thing missing is the cake (note to LinkedIn: add a cake emoji to your template).


Two year checkup_Bad Producer Productions


Bad Producer Productions is doing well, thanks for asking

A quick update on all things Bad Producer Productions. Season two of Game Changers: Radio will come to a close on Monday 8 August. The podcast features Craig Bruce from Craig Bruce Coaching speaking to the biggest names in radio has been a privilege to produce. I’ve learned something from each episode. I enjoyed Richard Stubbs’ advice in Episode 12 to ‘be better’ at anything you do.

Game Changers has been shortlisted for the 2016 Mumbrella Publish Awards for Best Podcast. It’s nice to be recognised, and even nicer to see Game Changers: Radio continue to grow. As of this morning (2 August) the show has had more than 31,000 downloads, and is routinely in the Top 100 on Australian iTunes.

Our next project is In the Pocket, a weekly look at all things NFL. If you know someone who loves the game, is mildly interested in the game, or likes to listen to four guys talking sport, please encourage them to listen. You can find the show at  We’ve released our pre-preseason episode and on 3 August the show kicks off for its second season.

Once again we’ve worked with the brilliant Brendan Lim from Little Sketches on the design (he did Game Changers: Radio, Bad Producer Productions and now In the Pocket). He’s creative, professional and a breeze to work with. 

We are beginning pre-production on a third podcast. It’s about writers and writing. I’ll have more to say about that project soon.

That’s enough for now. My shoulder is getting sore from all the back patting I’ve been doing.

Now, time for cake.