We develop all forms of content. If you want your idea to be seen, heard or clicked, we are the team for you. Our current shows include TEAM EffortChildproof (written and performed by Tony Martin), Game Changers: Radio (shortlisted for Best Podcast in the 2016 Publish Awards), In the Pocket (a weekly show about American football), and The Garret (a literary podcast supported by the State Library of Victoria).


TEAM Effort brings together special guests to help you lead a better life. Results may vary.

Ed Kavalee and a collection of wonderful people (including Tony Martin, Ash Williams, Lawrence Mooney and Jay Mueller deliver all the information you need to lead a better life. It's self help without any of the annoying facts and figures that can get in the way of half baked ideas and opinions.


Childproof is an unproduced TV sitcom written by Tony Martin and Sarina Rowell and performed live at the 2017 Melbourne Fringe.

The cast included Tony Martin, Geraldine Quinn, Roz Hammond, Andrew McClelland, Damian Cowell, Cristina Laria, Djovan Caro and Lachy Hulme, with a gaggle of guests and narration by our very own Jay Mueller.


The Garret celebrates the best writers writing today, and is supported by the State Library of Victoria, Writers Victoria, Swinburne University and the Australian Society of Authors.

This is not a podcast about individual books or to promote a writer's latest book. It is a series exploring how the best writers writign today best start, draft, edit, publish and market their writing.

After four successful seasons (from November 2016 to November 2017), The Garret moved from a season to a weekly format.


Game Changers: Radio is a love letter to radio and broadcast. The show:

Season 1 (April-May 2016) and Season 2 (June-July 2016) featured interviews with twelve of Australia's best radio talent. Season 3 (November-December 2017) ventured beyond our Australian shores to the United Kingdom. Season 4 launched in March 2017. Due to the success of the show, in late 2017 Game Changers: Radio moved from a season to a fortnightly format.


In the Pocket is a show about all things NFL. It’s a show about the game we love, and it brings and Australian take to American football.

Steve Salisbury and our very own Jay Mueller are Americans living in Australia. They know NFL is a little different on this side of the world. We watch fall games on spring mornings, Thanksgiving games on Friday morning and the playoffs at the height of summer. But the game remains the same.