Podcast development

In addition to creating our own shows for the Bad Producer Podcast Network, we help others create their own podcasts.

There are currently more than one million active podcasts. That’s millions of episodes totalling millions of hours of audio on demand. Our network of podcasts is responsible for several hundred hours of content and more than 5 million downloads.

Each podcast began as an idea. Those ideas led to conversations, emails, production schedules, platform approval, editing, publishing and marketing. There are dozens of steps required to transform your idea into a podcast. We can help you take those steps.

Anonymous Was A Woman_Bad Producer Productions

In 2020 and 2021 we are working with Future Women and Jamila Rizvi to produce Anonymous Was A Woman. The show is a conversation about books by and for women, and features interviews with prominent Australian and international writers.

Anonymous Was A Woman was co-hosted by our very own Astrid Edwards. The show reached #1 in both the Arts and Books categories on Apple Podcasts in Australia, as well as #32 on the Australian charts overall.

The Pinch Hitter_Bad Producer Productions

In 2020 we also worked with The Pinch Hitter to develop Calling the Shots, a documentary podcast telling the story of a century of cricket commentary. This six-part fortnightly series was released through The Final Word podcast feed.

The Pinch Hitter is an initiative from the people who bring you The Nightwatchman. It is a digital mag comes out once a fortnight, chock-full of contributions from some of the best freelance writers in the world. It is being made on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis, with all financial contributions going back into commissioning more writing.

Bounceback_DrinkWise_Bad Producer

In 2020 we also worked with DrinkWise to develop Bounceback with Dr Andrew Rochford. The podcast is about overcoming adversity and getting back on your feet.

The series features some of Australia’s most recognised sports men and women, prominent businesspeople and well-known politicians, allowing them to tell their story, in their own words.

In 2018, we worked with the Dean of an Australian Law School, a Melbourne based lawyer and a Pittsburgh based lawyer to create The Future Law Podcast. It’s a podcast that explores where the legal profession is heading in the world of AI, machine learning and social networks.

We can help you with your idea and we can help you take your first steps. If you want to create a podcast for your brand, your clients, your employees, or your audience, get in touch.

Becoming one of the more than 750,000 podcasts can be overwhelming. That’s ok. We’ve taken that first step dozens of times. We can show you how.

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