In the Pocket is a show by Bad Producer Productions.


In the Pocket is a show about NFL. It’s a show about the games we love. It’s passionate. It’s informative. And it brings an Australian take to American football.

Because Australians love sport, but NFL is a little different on this side of the world. We watch fall games on spring mornings, Thanksgiving games on Friday morning and the playoffs at the height of summer. But the game remains the same. Jay Mueller and Steve Salisbury are Americans living in Australia, and this is the show where they discuss what they love best.


We partnered with TGI Fridays Australia for the 2016 Season. The Pocket Nation team even hosted the annual 'Legendary Super Bowl Party' at TGI Fridays at the Jam Factory live during the Super Bowl 51.

In the Pocket is back for the 2017 Season, bigger and better than ever. This year, we talk about all things US sports - not just NFL.

In 2016, host Jay Mueller made it all the way to New York to interview the #1 New York Giants fan, Vid DiBitetto (watch the video below).