The Garret celebrates the best writers writing today. Melbourne is home to some of the best writers currently writing in Australia, and while there are plenty of podcasts focusing on emerging writers and literary festivals, no other podcast explores how only the best writers approach their craft. 

We believe writers can always learn from other writers and literary festivals, but we believe they prefer to learn from successful writers. And so The Garret was born.

This is the goal of The Garret: to interview successful writers talk about their craft, and for other writers to learn from them.

We have no hard and fast definition of ‘best’. We mean writers whose work is published abroad, has been turned into a TV series or movie, has a loyal fan following, has achieved critical acclaim, or has seeped into the public consciousness in one way or another.

Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman, New York Times best-selling authors, featured in the first episode of The Garret Podcast.
Graeme Simsion, international best-selling author of 'The Rosie Project' and 'The Rosie Effect', recoded an interview with The Garret in Season 1.


The Garret was born in Melbourne, a UNESCO City of Literature. And it is supported by our community. We partner with the State Library of Victoria, Writers Victoria and the Australian Society of Authors to bring The Garret to emerging writers in Australia.

The Garret interviews the Australian best writers writing today about their writing craft. These writers represent many genres, but the common thread is their success: they are the top of their fields. The interviews do not promote a writer's latest book, but rather explore how the best of the best draft, edit, pitch and publish their writing. Every episode is published with a complete transcript to increase educational value and access.

The Garret is a labour of love on behalf of all emerging writers. If you would like to support The Garret, simply subscribe (for free) on Apple Podcasts and join the conversation on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.