Creativity: Knowing when to stop

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Knowing when to stop

My days are spent listening. I listen to the voices of people sharing their experience. Sometimes I am hearing a person’s story for the second or third time (depending on where I am in the editing process). Other times, I am hearing it fresh.

Right now, Bad Producer Productions is responsible for three podcasts: Game Changers: Radio, The Garret, and In the Pocket. I record every episode of The Garret and In the Pocket. Craig Bruce who hosts Game Changers: Radio sometimes records his interviews solo (often with the help of a friendly engineer who handles the technical side of things).

I listened to Craig’s latest solo effort for the first time earlier today. Craig talked to New York City radio host, Broadway Bill Lee. Bill has been in radio for more than four decades. He currently hosts afternoons on WCBS. I have never listened to Bill’s radio show, but I have watched the videos.

His videos are evidence of a professional broadcaster who still loves the job. The description he shares with Craig of what he’s doing in each video is evidence of his playfulness that allows him to deepen that love.

'You have to surf the intro… you have to be in the curl… you have to be visible, audible and at the same time surrounded by the music.'

Check out one of Broadway Bill’s videos and you’ll see what he means.


Don’t let preparation become procrastination

Bill talked about preparing for his shift. He talked about the importance of keeping his mind and body sharp. His approach, like his performance, requires him to be all in. Surfing. Playing. Preparing.

Preparation has been a consistent theme in both Game Changers and in most episodes of The Garret. The question often revolves around a discussion of how much preparation is too much.

He says he reaches a point where, 'I’ve got all the information I’m gonna need'.

It is at that point he reminds himself to 'stop going to find more'.

In other words, get on with it.

Don Watson has been writing professionally as long as Bill has been talking professionally.

Watson spoke to Garret host Nic Brasch about his love of research. In an upcoming episode. Watson says he could spend a lifetime 'in a place like this [the State Library of Victoria]'.

He talks about discovering new aspects of a story and the desire to chase information wherever it may lead. He also talks about the importance of knowing when to stop chasing.

'Sooner or later, you’ve got to write it', he says.

In other words, sooner or later, you’ve got to get on with it.